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Helping to enable the Decentralized Hawaiian Kingdom to streamline global access to Payroll, Rewards and Payments.

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Imagine the power of Google Pay and Apple Pay, in the hand of every small business owner. We can create a digital asset or reward, and make use of a Fiat Card in order to build our own brands and reputation.

Why pay team members in digital currency?

People are your company's most valuable asset. With the brightest and best minds in your industry scattered around the world, it makes sense that many start-ups prefer to operate remotely to provide their team members with a healthy work/life balance.

The legacy banking system is stuck in the 20th century and the present antiquated payment systems are slow and expensive. That's why we created theDigital Wallet to bring the transformational benefits of digital payments to these new promising endeavors.

Digital Wallet puts you in charge

With the Digital Wallet you get a convenient way to manage your money on a Digital Wallet Visa card that is packed with features.

Signing up is simple, beacuse there’s

  • No Credit check
  • No activation fee
  • No minimum balances
Card usage is subject to card activation and decentralized
DigitalWorld identity verification.

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Digital Payments streamlines invoice processing

Set up repeat instructions

Create recurring invoices for your regular customers and white-list crypto addresses for secure payments.

Professional invoices

Create and send personalised, professional invoices.

Payment history

Download full payment history and statistics as a CSV file.

With Digital Wallet you can

Keep your brand

Ensure your brand stays front and center as you build both internal and external brand loyalty.

Save your time

Save your time

Reduce costs

Work with invoices raised in dollars or other fiat currencies, but settled in cryptocurrencies or your own tokens - instantly and with minimal fees.

Save your time

Ensure robust security for every transaction, for you and your employees.

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