Enjoy 0% tax in the Hawaiian Kingdom and the potential of lowering and even eliminating traditional tax burdens which will open the door to even greater opportunity. Avoiding heavy taxation in these new digital systems will enable the creation of digital assets and businesses with increased value for future generations.

Hawaiian Wallet

Hawaiian Kingdom offers a new, safe, and convenient way to manage finances, and transfer money to family and friends, instantly. Digital Wallet handles all conversions including converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.


Simplify Automate Tax Reporting

Help simplify and automate tax reporting duties for cryptocurrencies like Hawaiian Digital Dollar, Aloha, Clear, Ripple, Bitcoin, Ether and many other digital assets.

Automate your cryptocurrency tax forms and even filings by connecting your exchanges, wallets, DeFi protocols, NFTs, and more, then download completed tax forms with the click of a button.

The Hawaiian Kingdom Tax Service Provider Network can also provide real-time insights into the value of your portfolio and a chance to optimize tax-loss harvesting strategies.

Form 8949 and other tax-form generation is available for all certified TaxBit Network Partners. For non-participating platforms, you may choose to subscribe to a premium plan, which includes tax forms from all platforms and many other premium features/functionalities.

Anonymously Generate Hawaiian Tax Forms That Are Ready To File.

Serving Digital investors across the entire digital assets ecosystem

Link all of your Digital data across 500+ sources to see the real-time tax impact of your trades. Then, you can generate your Forms related tax and income reports.

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