The Hawaiian Kingdom offers a cost-effective and simple way to 'tie the knot'. Couples can apply, select a date and receive their marriage certificate without ever having to step foot in a government building.

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Marriage License

With Hawaiian Marriage, couples can conveniently apply for a marriage license by simply submitting their identification, this eliminates the need for inconvenient visits to government offices.

Select A Date

Planning this important milestone could not be easier. The couple and the witnesses do not even have to be in the same location. The wedding party just has to appear online at the designated time.

Get Married In The
Hawaiian Kingdom

The Hawaiian Kingdom is your connection to a legal and virtual wedding. Our platform makes it easy to create a personalized, interactive experience for every guest - no matter how far they are.

We’re Taking Control Of Our Digital Lives

Centralized systems profit from our data by selling our digital identity to unknown third-parties who likely do not have our best interests in mind. In the , we’ll be able to decide what personal data points to share and this will eventually allow us to monetize our data for our own purposes.

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Hawaiian Marriage Certificate

Hawaiian Marriage Certificates are digitally sealed through a secure, cryptographic hash. This digital copy has the same legal status as a paper-certified copy of a Marriage License Certificate.

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